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I’m like, I can’t go over there.They got receivers in depth and running backs in depth, and one of the three, top two quarterbacks of all time.Considering the Giants’ 19 loss in Chicago yesterday was their seventh consecutive defeat, it would not have been surprising had Jones responded with a resounding yes.We were strictly in […]

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Over the last year with people beginning to know you they learned your history in Tennessee, misuse you could put it that way.I’m just curious if this first three games was kind of like a preseason for you almost with the transition from Dayton?And, it just goes to show that, you know, how cool of […]

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If I had an option to do both I was going to make it work.Harbaugh also noted that while the Ravens were last in the league in passing yards this season, they were in the middle of the pack in passing efficiency.What do you think happened?Diggs emerged from Sunday tied with Seattle’s D.K.I guess he’s […]

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The market for the former first-round draft choice this offseason has been cool to date but don’t be shocked if the three-time Pro Bowler winds up with this AFC North contender.But things happen, especially in conditions like this.So, I think they have the safety, and also, he’s been a very good special teams player.That’s been […]