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Was it raining down the entire east coast of the United States on Sunday?

Rodriguez really is a baseball nerd and likes to show it, often drawing upon the finely sliced stats that Masterson has given him as well as his own deep knowledge of the game’s history. Ortiz tends to speak from his own experience. What has gone right: At least for the most part, the 49ers have […]

We have our first sign of insanity in Ames with a “We Want Bama” sign held up by a Cyclones fan in the stands

Belichick loves high second-round picks, which have proved to be the most valuable selections of the draft in terms of surplus value. He has drafted players such as Eugene Wilson and Patrick Chung at the top of the second round in years past, but Belichick also loves trading down and around the draft, and a […]

Jerick McKinnon (1.7 OTD) has found the end zone on four of his 106 looks this season.

That includes four of 84 looks (1.6 OTD) in four games since Dalvin Cook went down for the season. During those four games, McKinnon has scraped together two carries inside the opponent’s 5-yard line. That’s equal to Latavius Murray’s total. Murray sports a 1.3 OTD since Cook has been out but has scored only one […]

If we’re being blunt about it, the talent around Kizer isn’t great.

“What’s up, ladies! It’s gonna be a great day, great day, great day!” Alex Rodriguez calls out to the hair, makeup and wardrobe department as he sweeps into Fox’s production trailer, parked just beyond Dodger Stadium’s centerfield fence, five hours before Game 2 of the World Series on Oct. 25. The collar of his ironed […]

Kamara hasn’t been targeted while inside the opponent’s 12-yard line but Ingram has twice.

Mark Ingram (5.0 OTD) has scored four touchdowns, and Alvin Kamara (2.1 OTD) has three this season, but the usage of both players suggests the scoring gap should be wider. Ingram has carried the ball seven times inside the opponent’s 5-yard line, whereas Kamara has only twice. “That’s the thing he’s learned, that’s the thing […]

Veterans will say they are happy to try something new after years of playoff frustration

Chris Robles was a sophomore that first season, 2015. Before he joined the team his only experience with playing football was of the Madden variety. He loved the sport and dreamed of playing high school ball, but when he saw the promotional posters for the first football info meeting, he hesitated. “I was kind of […]

Henderson released a statement regarding his decision.

Elliott officially filed an appeal with the league on the Tuesday after he was suspended. The hearing began on Aug. 29 and concluded on Aug. 31. On Tuesday, Sept. 5, Henderson announced his decision on Elliott’s appeal. The suspension was upheld. “As his designated Hearing Officer in this matter, my responsibility is to determine whether […]