Lamar Jackson’s NFL draft fall ends with Ravens taking QB with first round’s last pick

Lamar Jackson won’t have to return for Day 2 of the NFL draft.
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Elite Washington Capitals Jersey The RPO is the NFL’s darling strategy right now鈥攜our know-it-all friends like to explain the play’s design; your know-even-more friends like to say that it’s all just play action with a fancy name鈥攂ecause the Eagles used run-pass options to win the Super Bowl. In its most basic form, the RPO attacks the nickelback by forcing him to guess run or pass and then does the opposite.

Nickelback has been a starting position in the NFL for years and is one of the most critical positions on the field. But because teams use the same depth charts that they have mimeographed since the 1970s, nickelbacks are still thought of as role players or niche fillers. That outdated thinking even extends to the draft, where great nickel defenders like Minkah Fitzpatrick are still met with, Gosh, I’m just not sure if he is a safety or a cornerback.

Fitzpatrick is the best nickelback prospect in NFL history. (Tyrann Mathieu had character concerns and was also used on offense, confusing his draft profile.) He’s exactly the defender teams need to counter the RPO and mix-and-match tactics in the slot, because his ability to attack the backfield will make offenses account for Dez Bryant Womens Jersey him, rather than vice-versa. He also has excellent play-recognition skills and the quickness to regroup after play-fakes. While no one human can cover both Tyreek and Gronk in the slot, Fitzpatrick has the size and speed to move outside or to deep safety so a quicker defender can slide to the nickel. Fitzpatrick never has to leave the field on defense.

Fitzpatrick is a cross between the Honey Badger and Malcolm Jenkins. He’s the vanguard of a new type of defender that the NFL needs more of. He should have been drafted higher. The Dolphins, despite ostensibly being strong at safety, 聽will be happy he fell to them.

Both sides allotted several minutes to comb through several emails that document perceived ill will for McNair and USC by three non-voting members involved with the COI. Broillet laid out how their influence on the committee was against the NCAA’s bylaws — something he indicated will be addressed in the video deposition of NCAA president Mark Emmert — while Stojilkovic downplayed the role they ultimately played.

According to Sports Illustrated, New England has worked out the 2016 Heisman Trophy winner two times already and there is a growing consensus the team could go after Jackson in the draft.

The Patriots have been a team in the past that has been willing to both work with quarterbacks some teams may not want to (see Tim Tebow), and they have also been known to draft developmental players and turn them into stars (see Jimmy Garoppolo.)

Drafting Jackson would not be a surprise for New England. However, drafting him where many pundits expect him to go, which is in the middle of the first round, may be surprising. The highest pick New England has is No. 23, so it may have to trade up to get Jackson.

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