Jedd Fisch on Josh Rosen: He makes coaches and players better

On the heels of former UCLA head coach Jim Mora giving his thoughts on quarterback Josh Rosen on Monday, former UCLA offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch weighed in with his experiences coaching the top prospect in an interview with Sirius XM NFL Radio.

Mora called Rosen the top quarterback in the draft before veering into a critique in which he referred to Rosen as a “millennial” and noting that whichever coach ends up with him will need to find a way to hold his focus and concentration. Rosen seemingly responded to Mora’s comments with a pair of tweets not directed at anything specifically.

“If you don’t love it, I don’t think you want to do it,” Fisch said. And I think what Josh would tell you and I think what we’ve seen from Josh, anyone that’s ever coached him is he’s never been late to a workout. Never didn’t want to play. Never took himself out of a practice. Never pulled himself out of a game and I think if you don’t love it you’d find a way to pull yourself out or be late to something. So I think every indication I’ve ever seen is that he must love the game or he wouldn’t work as hard as he does and he wouldn’t lift as hard as he does and he wouldn’t do everything he possibly needed to do to make sure that he was on top of his game.”

Fisch took over as interim head coach of the Bruins after Mora was fired in November. He’s now a senior offensive assistant with the Los Angeles Rams.

It likely won’t be Donald, who remains on track for a long-term deal. Between Suh and Cooks, the Rams are staring at an either/or decision (assuming Suh’s deal doesn’t include a no-tag provision).

The Rams didn’t hesitate to take a similar risk last year, adding receiver Sammy Watkins in the final year of his contract and letting him walk away via free agency. Still, even with the added compensatory draft-pick consideration that comes from free agents leaving, the Rams watched a second-round pick walk away this year when Watkins left, and they could see their 2018 first-round pick become a one-year stint with Cooks.

Beyond Suh and Cooks, the Rams traded for veteran cornerback Aqib Talib with two years left on his current deal, and they traded for former Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters with one year left on his rookie contract and an option year.la_kings_008

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