Broncos pair Bradley Chubb with Von Miller

Von Miller has called Bradley Chubb a combination of Miller and Khalil Mack. So, basically, the Broncos now have two Von Millers and one Khalik Mack.
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Elite Kids Phil Esposito Jersey So throw Brian Davis on the pile and quietly, gutlessly move along. Shame on the Thunder for convicting and punishing an innocent man.
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In a TV-delivered entertainment industry mostly aimed at kids, pro wrestling, as it became increasingly reliant on sleaze, steroids and other illegal drugs 鈥?and as job-related deaths of performers became steady 鈥?Bruno Sammartino stood out as a man who would not be moved to ignore any of it.

Sammartino, dead Wednesday at 82, became a primary go-to guy in the 1990s, when I investigated the WWF’s, now WWE’s, vast netherworld. He’d often provide tips and open doors to identify Vince and Linda McMahon’s empire as far worse than I could imagine, even to the point where underage employees were allegedly abused by WWF/WWE high-visibility regulars, including ring boss Mel Phillips.

And Sharrif Floyd Jersey Sammartino often spoke on the record. That cost him plenty, but he continued to note the sudden deaths of young wrestlers 鈥?ostensibly physically fit and conspicuously and suspiciously mass-muscled 鈥?predicting more were coming on Vince McMahon’s unholy watch. And they did.

In admiring a superb pass thrown by Thunder star Russell Westbrook, Davis enthused that Westbrook is out of his cotton-pickin’ mind!

That it made no sense that a veteran broadcaster of NBA games would suddenly and knowingly holler a racist comment on the air was not good enough. The Thunder, apparently feeling outside heat, two days later suspended Davis from working Game 1 of OKC’s playoff series against the Jazz.

And he also had to issue a groveling apology, in a released statement, asking forgiveness for the sin of having no idea:

I offer my sincere apology and realize that while I committed a lapse in judgment, such mistakes come with consequences. This is an appropriate consequence for my actions.

So it’s now on Davis’s permanent record. He’s a registered race offender.

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