Kings coach Dave Joerger ‘all right’ after dizzy spell

Kings coach Dave Joerger was taken to the locker room after dropping to a knee during the first quarter of Monday’s game against the Spurs.

The Kings said Joerger had a “momentary episode of lightheadedness” and would not return to the sideline for precautionary reasons.

“He’s all right,” Kings assistant head coach Elston Turner said of Joerger following the 113-98 loss in San Antonio. “Sometimes when you stand up real fast from a sitting postion, you get a little bit light-headed. That’s what happened.

Roberson crashed to the ground on an alley-oop attempt in the third quarter of Saturday’s game and was taken off the floor on a stretcher. The Thunder announced Sunday that Roberson had suffered a ruptured left patellar tendon and would undergo season-ending surgery.

There’s no way around it for Oklahoma City. Roberson’s absence is going to hurt. It may not seem like a huge loss on the surface — Roberson is only averaging 5.0 points and 4.7 rebounds per game this season — but it’s hard to overstate just how much Roberson means to the Thunder defense.

However, as much as all those things heighten Young’s fame, nothing may be more famous than one 3-pointer he shot several years ago, or more specifically, one 3-pointer he missed.

When with the Lakers, Young took a 3-pointer in a game and was so sure he made it, he turned around and strutted his stuff.

“Until you get there and start running around playing the position, you don’t realize how much you know already,” Murphy said. “He’s done some things naturally. When you watch the way he can handle the intermediate throw and you see him pick the ball the way he does and see his feet move in the infield, you think, ‘This guy’s got it.'”

Braun’s ability to adapt could go a long way toward his crafting a positive final act in Milwaukee. He has $57 million left on his $105 million contract extension, and that outlay will be a lot more palatable to the Brewers if he can stay on the field for 120-130 games and contribute an .800 or better OPS each season.

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