Super Bowl cities: A list of where the game has been hosted and how many times each

Not all cities that claim an NFL team can host a Super Bowl, particularly teams that play in open-air stadiums north of the Mason-Dixon Line. Hopes were high for the Minnesota Vikings to win the NFC Championship and get to play in the championship game on their home field.

Those hopes were dashed when the Philadelphia Eagles trounced the Vikings for the division title, with Nick Foles and Co. now facing the New England Patriots on neutral turf. Neither of this year’s Super Bowl teams will likely ever compete for a chance to play the year’s biggest game in their home stadiums, with both Philadelphia and Foxborough notoriously cold and snowy in early February.

The Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl champions for the first time in franchise history and it’s largely thanks to Nick Foles.

The backup quarterback stepped in for the Eagles when Carson Wentz suffered a season-ending knee injury in December and less than two months later, he led the team to a 41-33 win over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 52.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter wrote Wednesday morning that Robert Kraft made a late push, which included sweetening his deal, but there was more than that:

In the past 48 hours, Patriots owner Robert Kraft began talking with McDaniels and ultimately wound up sweetening his contract, helping to entice McDaniels, who had yet to sign a contract with the Colts, to remain in New England, a source said.

But this wasn’t a decision about money. The truth is, McDaniels, 41, has been vacillating on this decision throughout the interview process, ever since meeting with the Colts on wild-card weekend. It is the reason a second meeting with Colts officials and team owner Jim Irsay was held. McDaniels was trying to get comfortable with the idea of taking his family out of New England and moving to Indianapolis, sources said.

There’s also the possibility that Kraft convinced McDaniels that he could take over once Bill Belichick calls it quits. Belichick has just one year left on his contract.

The Philadelphia Eagles haven’t even been Super Bowl champions for an hour, and defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz is gliding around the locker room in bedazzled black shoes, looking for a cigarette.

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