New England would have two new starting cornerbacks in 2016, after Logan Ryan bolted to the Titans in free agency.

“Regulated or not, shady advisors have made quite a mark on the NFL financial scene,” the authors write. “Before closer scrutiny was instituted, at least 78 players lost more than $42 million between 1999 and 2002 because they trusted money to agents and financial advisors with questionable backgrounds.”

Adding insult to injury, the sketchy advice sometimes comes from former players themselves. One former player-turned-financial pro said that “he couldn’t reveal how much he was charging to manage [another] player’s tax-exempt municipal bonds ‘because of the Patriot Act.’” Turned out the adviser was “taking $146,000 every year.”

Why the trade won’t happen: So much secondary upheaval might not be worth it to the Patriots without getting a first-round pick in return.

A change in scenery might be best for Richardson since the Jets have one too many quality 3-4 defensive ends with Muhammad Wilkerson and Leonard Williams on the roster. The 2013 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year’s long-term prospects with the Jets took a hit when his defensive linemate Wilkerson signed a five-year, $86 million contract with $53.5 million in overall guarantees last summer.

The Eagles had zero running game in Washington, which means it was up to Carson Wentz and the Philly defense to win the game, and that’s exactly what happened. Wentz threw for 307 yards and two touchdowns, and on one of those touchdowns, he may or may not have morphed into Brett Favre.

As for the Eagles defense, they held the Redskins under 270 yards of total offense, which is usually a good sign in Philly. The Eagles are 8-1 in their past nine games where they hold their opponent under 270 yards.

Jackson later explained to her mother that the cups of her top had been attached with a Velcro-like fabric that could easily be manipulated or opened to reveal a red lace bra underneath, according to the family source.

The source confirmed that Jackson and Timberlake had hatched a plan for him to rip off the top’s cup, but didn’t alert MTV, CBS, the NFL or even their backup dancers.

“They were like, let’s make this real and show the meaning behind [the song],” the Jackson insider said.bills_022

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