Garcia says he has stayed with his routine, and wants to take his game even higher this season.

I just try to improve myself, have better numbers every year, he said. You got to test yourself.

Since arriving from the Detroit Tigers in 2013, Garcia had been projected to be a star, but injuries and slumps kept him from realizing his potential until last season.

Manager Rick Renteria, in his second year at the White Sox helm following one season as bench coach under Robin Ventura, has noticed how Garcia has improved.

I think everybody was hopeful that at some point in his career that might happen, Renteria said of Garcia’s breakthrough.

He’s come into camp full of confidence and obviously his routines have remained consistent. He has to just go out there and try not to do too much. Let the numbers take care of themselves and trust the work that he puts in, and he’ll have an opportunity to continue good output and have a positive result.

You can have many different heroes and villains, all intertwining in narratives that can also stand on their own. You let Russell Westbrook be Russell Westbrook, even if he’s vastly different than as Stephen Curry, LeBron James, or Kyrie Irving. You can have Steve Kerr and Gregg Popovich expressing themselves about basketball and the greater world in which the league exists.

I feel like he might not ever have his mother in his life but he could still have me and I could still make a difference and I don’t think that’s anyone’s responsibility when I’m still here.

I’ve forgiven Rae already, but to have any type of relationship with him, there does have to be some repentance, Adams told the newspaper. And I think this opens the door. But I can say definitively he’s not ever going to have custody of Chancellor.

Chancellor will be raised either by me or, after I’m gone, by someone else who loves him and who knows him. He will never be raised by a stranger — someone he doesn’t know and who tried to kill him.

So these events are either ones that are practice-like in nature and boring, or they’re silly, with little time to prepare. And even the ones that mimic practice can be really hard — look at what Paul George showed us in the Three-Point Contest.bears_014

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