Luck is unquestionably one of the best signal-callers in the NFL but did not play in 2017 after shoulder surgery.

Harden was the MVP runner-up last season for the second time in his career and has established himself as one of the front-runners for the award this season. His scoring average has jumped more than three points per game after he also led the league last season, and he is having his most efficient shooting season (.627 true shooting percentage) in his six years of being the Rockets’ go-to guy.

While Harden expressed optimism in the immediate aftermath of his injury Sunday, his teammates acknowledged it would be challenging if he were to miss time.

Louis Riddick (ESPN): Rising star at ESPN. Besides being an ex-NFL player, Riddick would bring the perspective of a former NFL scout and director of player personnel.

Jim Harbaugh (Michigan): One mediocre season away from being called a flop in Ann Arbor. Should he get out of town ahead of the posse for safer climes of TV?

Phil Simms (CBS Sports): Good soldier went from the No. 1 CBS announce team to the “NFL Today” studio without complaint. But there’s nothing like a lead analyst gig. If ESPN came knocking, would Simms say no?

They may lose Larry Fitzgerald, turning 35 in August and completing his 16th season — unless they don’t. They’re in good shape at receiver if he does go. David Johnson should come back at full strength. The defense felt the loss of Calais Campbell, but most franchises would take that unit over their own.

Keim puts rosters together well. He’s drafted well. Just not at quarterback, in either case. But he didn’t have to, technically, for a long time.

Now, he does. This version of the Cardinals are in a new world. Pick the right player, though, and it could be as good as the old world — or better.

The defense has long been awful and the offensive line continues to struggle, but the Colts have one huge thing going for them —quarterback Andrew Luck.

The long-term health of said shoulder is a concern, but if Luck gets back to his best then the Colts’ new coach could have quick success even in an increasingly difficult AFC South.

The biggest media market in the country, stacks of talent in the pass-catching department and on defense, a respected GM in David Gettleman and an organization with a history of patience, there’s a lot to like about the Giants.lions_131

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