The Dolphins still have two games left with the Bills

In an NFL season marked by surprises and unexpected rises, no teams are doing it better than New Orleans and L.A. As the Saints keep stomping, the Rams keep romping.

Their hungry fans already feel like they’re in playoff heaven, but here’s a reminder that it’s still only Week 11. For now, how their offenses and defenses have started to thrive, these two NFC upstarts belong in the top five.

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Unfortunately, those two other teams are Baltimore and Oakland, who were responsible for Miami’s most recent two losses before Carolina. The Dolphins still have two games left with the Bills, and more unfortunately, have also yet to play the Patriots.

Next week comes a break at home against a weak, short-handed Buccaneers offense, and the inept Broncos will visit in three weeks. But the four division games and a date with the high-powered Chiefs in Kansas City in Week 16, there’s not much confidence the defense will discover a quick fix, given how fast everything brokesteelers_015.

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