Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant would pull it off almost once a game.

The duo’s favorite improv play started with Durant standing on the block under the basket and Westbrook almost near half court. If the post defender had his back to the ball, Westbrook would lock eyes with Durant and, instead of initiating the original play call, would just lob the ball over the top of the defense for kind of a half-alley-oop. Years of on-court chemistry turned into two quick, easy points.

After falling behind 61-42 with 10:24 to go in the third, the Lakers mounted a furious 30-12 run to cut the deficit to one shortly before the end of the quarter. Throughout this season, the Lakers have somehow managed to keep coming at opponents despite blowing big leads or falling behind big when most young teams might fold. The Lakers can often thank subs like Jordan Clarkson and Randle for that fight.

But Cutler doesn’t play defense, and that unit, not him, is Miami’s biggest obstacle in trying to get back into the AFC playoffs.

In addition to the massive point total, the Dolphins could stop neither pass nor run: Cam Newton threw for 254 yards and Carolina rushed for 294. Add it up, and that’s 548 yards, by far the most Miami has given up this season and a Panthers franchise record.

There were breakdowns in every area. The Dolphins didn’t get any push up front to slow down the run. Their pass rush was nonexistent. The coverage was lost from the get-go, saved only by a few bad Panthers drops. The tackling was poor, highlighted by running back Christian McCaffrey undressing linebacker Kiko Alonso on multiple occasions.

Lewis imitates ‘big brother’ Beckham: The Giants stunned the Chiefs, 12-9, in overtime with the key play coming as wideout Roger Lewis made a stunning diving catch to set up the winning field goal. It was a grab Odell Beckham Jr. would have been proud of, and afterwards Lewis said: “Odell’s like a big brother of mine, but Ido that, too.”nike_steelers_2636

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