‘My Cause, My Cleats’: NFL players wearing custom cleats explained in a 2-minute read

Week 13 in the NFL will feature more colors and personality than usual with many players opting to wear custom designed cleats. Usually that’s banned in the NFL and players sometimes show off custom cleats in warmups before switching to a standard pair.

The Saints have been sitting on top of the NFC South, but the loss to the Rams puts them even with the Panthers at 8-3. The Falcons are riding a three-game winning streak and are sitting just one game behind the Panthers and Saints at 7-4.

New Orleans is far from a lock to win the division. And in such a tight NFC race, the loss to the Rams could end up spelling disaster for the Saints’ playoff hopes.

Hayward is normally very efficient from the floor, and he is still shooting 52 percent seven February despite Mondays awful performance.Atlantic Division 6 The Atlantic Division used its second game of the night to assert its dominance, overwhelming the Pacific Division 6 and clinching a spot the All- Challenge championship game.And those considerations must encompass the associations of NFL personnel with the underworld and, most importantly, the backgrounds and business relationships of those who rule professional football: the NFL team owners.He failed to make a three-point attempt for just the second time the last nine , but his efficacy from the foul line helped him reach his average points.

What happened? During the first quarter against Seattle, Seahawks defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson hit Stanton on his knee. Stanton began to walk with a limp, but he managed to play the rest of the game. He finished the game with 273 passing yards and a touchdown.

Yuck, indeed, but it’s back again for .Soma Vainuku Vainuku played fullback and special teams for the Trojans, managing 272 yards and four TDs on 41 career touches.Marlins notebook: Yelich hopes to return from DL to play vs.orioles_015

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