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If we’re being blunt about it, the talent around Kizer isn’t great.

“What’s up, ladies! It’s gonna be a great day, great day, great day!” Alex Rodriguez calls out to the hair, makeup and wardrobe department as he sweeps into Fox’s production trailer, parked just beyond Dodger Stadium’s centerfield fence, five hours before Game 2 of the World Series on Oct. 25. The collar of his ironed golf shirt is popped, his hair is gelled and his teeth are very white. Fox researcher Anthony Masterson passes Rodriguez a thick packet of notes and stats as he walks by—a practiced handoff, by now.

In a nutshell, my sense is that their leniency with Beckham—McAdoo publicly stuck up for Beckham following his dog-peeing celebration, which came just six days after the coach publicly called out Eli Manning for a costly delay-of-game flag—has undercut his ability to lead the group.

Fuller caught two touchdown passes and five passes overall on eight targets, resulting in 29.5 PPR and 24.5 non-PPR fantasy points. It gave him a streak of four consecutive games with a touchdown to begin his season, for a total of seven touchdowns on only 13 total catches and 22 total targets.

CR: The player’s “consistency rating,” which is calculated as his weekly standard deviation divided by his PPR fantasy points per game average.

“They had plenty of talent, but when you’re around him—the stuff he does, how he acts—it’s like, Oh my god, I’d love to play with this,” Burkhardt says. “He takes every bit of pressure off. He’s motivating. He gets on a point, he drives it home, he’s passionate, he laughs.”

Browns give Kizer a break. Hue Jackson’s call to go with Kevin Hogan this week might look scattershot on the surface, but it’s being done with good reason. What the staff saw last week, and the last couple weeks, was a rookie quarterback who was clearly carrying the burden of all the bumps he hit in his first five NFL games.

Kamara hasn’t been targeted while inside the opponent’s 12-yard line but Ingram has twice.

Mark Ingram (5.0 OTD) has scored four touchdowns, and Alvin Kamara (2.1 OTD) has three this season, but the usage of both players suggests the scoring gap should be wider. Ingram has carried the ball seven times inside the opponent’s 5-yard line, whereas Kamara has only twice.

“That’s the thing he’s learned, that’s the thing I think he appreciates. I mean, he had a huge day [in Detroit], but it wasn’t like he had to sit there and run the ball. It wasn’t like he had to sit there in the pocket and hold, hold, hold. The ball came out.”

Muhlbach started long-snapping as a young high-schooler in Lufkin, Texas, to have something to do while his ride home, the punter on the football team, practiced after the regular practice.

Great story, great factoid on a player no one notices but who’s really good at his job. That, folks, is how to write a great feature story on a guy no one knows.

Sign of the Times Story of the Week: From Scooby Axson of Sports Illustrated, a former soldier in the Army. He favors players doing what they want during the national anthem. It’s a logical piece. Axson writes, “I don’t feel disrespected if a person chooses not to stand for the national anthem. I fought for your ability to make that choice. What is disrespectful is the use of the great military as the basis to deny some citizens freedom of expression.”

Michael Thomas, knee, and Willie Snead, hamstring, New Orleans Saints, 1 p.m. ET: The Saints might have a plethora of pass-catchers, but when the No. 1 wide receiver shows up as a surprise “did not practice” on the injury report, as Thomas did Wednesday, it can cause a slight panic. Thankfully, Thomas’ injury was not serious, as coach Sean Payton hinted at when he said he did not anticipate it being a long-term issue.

Veterans will say they are happy to try something new after years of playoff frustration

Chris Robles was a sophomore that first season, 2015. Before he joined the team his only experience with playing football was of the Madden variety. He loved the sport and dreamed of playing high school ball, but when he saw the promotional posters for the first football info meeting, he hesitated. “I was kind of nervous, to tell you the truth,” says Robles, now a senior defensive end/left tackle. “Should I actually do it? Because this isn’t Madden. I didn’t know what to do during football. I knew positions, like, oh that’s a quarterback, he’s going to throw the ball, but I didn’t know the actual game itself.”

As a first-generation American, senior quarterback Andres Ortiz also had a late introduction to football. His parents immigrated to Chicago from Ecuador in the ‘80s, and knew nothing about the American sport.

“I love the chemistry,” Doc Rivers says. “When everyone touches the ball, everyone feels better about themselves.”

Everyone is happy. No one will say they are happy because Paul is gone. “It feels fresh,” Griffin says. “We have so many new guys. It was time to shake things up.”

The Spurs finally took their first L of the season on Friday night at Orlando, then followed it up by blowing a late lead to the Pacers on Sunday. Though he hasn’t shot the ball well, Dejounte Murray has proved to be a quick study, and whatever LaMarcus Aldridge and Gregg Popovich schmoozed about in Pop’s office should be preserved for posterity. After a date at Boston, the Spurs settle in at home for a couple of weeks — a chance to bank a few more wins before Kawhi Leonard returns.

Henderson released a statement regarding his decision.

Elliott officially filed an appeal with the league on the Tuesday after he was suspended. The hearing began on Aug. 29 and concluded on Aug. 31. On Tuesday, Sept. 5, Henderson announced his decision on Elliott’s appeal. The suspension was upheld.

“As his designated Hearing Officer in this matter, my responsibility is to determine whether the Commissioner’s decision on discipline of Mr. Elliott is arbitrary and capricious, meaning was it made on unreasonable grounds or without any proper consideration of circumstances,” Henderson said, via Adam Schefter. “It is not the responsibility, nor within the authority of, the Hearing Officer to conduct a de novo review of the case and second guess his decision.”

The Saints. The winless, lambs-led-to-the-slaughter Giants, their head coach in a bubbling cauldron, dominated in Denver on Sunday night.

On the other side of the coin, we have LeGarrette Blount (5.5 OTD), who ranks eighth in the NFL in OTD, but has scored only three touchdowns. Only Carlos Hyde (10) has more carries inside the opponent’s 5-yard line than Blount (eight), who paced the NFL with 24 in the category last season. The Eagles have scored 83 percent of their touchdowns through the air this season. Assuming that normalizes a bit in the second half, Agholor will suffer and Blount and newcomer Jay Ajayi will reap the benefits.

The Texans might appear tough based on defensive reputation, but they have allowed 1.82 points per drive (12th most) and an above-average touchdown allowance over the past four games. They are 22nd in pressuring passers since J.J. Watt went down, which could afford Brissett added time to operate.

But he’s smooth, can run the floor, and can face up and drive to the bucket, which he did impressively once on Aggies preseason All-American forward Robert Williams. He’s comfortable shooting from distance.